Divided by Design

“Divided by Design” sees Wiradjuri man Dr. Todd Fernando, the former Commissioner for LGBTIQA+ Communities, taking a bold stand against the intentional divisions sown within society. He shines a light on the deliberate manipulation of information that fosters separation, not unity. Dr. Fernando calls on us all to challenge the roots of our division, championing a collective journey towards a world where belonging triumphs segregation.

Dr Todd Fernando

Outgoing Victorian LGBTIQA+ Commissioner

Author Bio

Dr Todd Fernando is a descendant of the Kalarie peoples of the Wiradjuri nation, and identifies as queer with pronouns he/him.

He is the Outgoing Victorian LGBTIQA+ Commissioner, serving in the role since 2021. With a background as an intersectional change consultant and a respected public intellectual, Todd brings a wealth of experience in reforming social policy and enhancing cultural safety in both public and private sectors throughout Australia.

Current Work:

Todd is also an accomplished diversity & inclusion consultant and public intellectual with extensive research experience working with both First Nations and LGBTIQ+ communities. Todd has expertise in reforming social policy and cultural safety frameworks in public and private sectors across Australia. Todd is recognised as a strategic thought leader, with a commitment to improving outcomes and opportunities for all Australians.