Generative AI in the School Library Context

As stated by Laura Solomon, “librarians are actually situated to be…well…good at this. Maybe we don’t call ourselves “prompt engineers,” but creating the optimal search parameters are something we often excel at.” Jessica will be presenting about Generative AI in the school library context. She will offer examples on applications of AI for staff and students and how to address the elephant in the room: plagiarism. She will discuss about the elements of AI that can be applied in a school library – reader advisory, time-saving administration, students study support and much more.

Jessica Lonard

Head of Information Services, Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview

Author Bio

Jessica is a Teacher Librarian and Digital Learning specialist with over 15 years of experience in secondary education. Her aim is to motivate students to do their best and extend their own personal limits through programs that expand on previous knowledge, and challenge students to explore new and exciting possibilities using information and research skills. With many years of experience in boys’ education, she enjoys working with students to ignite their love of books and reading. Jessica shares her knowledge and skills in the professional learning space through webinars and workshops on educational technology and teacher librarianship. She is passionate about technology and its applications in education, and how she can further the promotion of school libraries utilising these technologies.