Informit and OA Indigenous-Led Research Initiatives

This presentation will highlight collaborative initiatives undertaken by Informit to amplify Indigenous-led research and voices and combat misinformation. Informit has been aggregating and hosting journal publications for over 30 years, including dozens of journals focusing on Indigenous issues and themes. A significant current focus is leveraging open access models to maximize opportunities for embedding First Nations research and voices across academia, schools, and the wider public.
In 2023, Informit launched the “Indigenous Scholars You Should Know” video interview series, an openly accessible program on YouTube documenting the diverse fields and career stages of First Nations researchers. The aim is to spotlight current Australian First Nations scholarship by highlighting emerging methodologies, reflecting on experiences within academia, and exploring the ideas informing these vital projects. Additionally, Informit co-convened the Kummargii Yulendji Symposium with CAVAL, where over 200 representatives from the publishing, research, and information communities engaged in meaningful discussions about how to describe, apply, and amplify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander academic outputs.
Furthermore, Informit is concentrating on infrastructure and process solutions to directly support publications that focus on Indigenous-led research outputs and First Nation Truth Telling. Two significant examples include the Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues (JAII), edited by Professor Andrew Gunstone, and the International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies (JCIS), edited by Professor Peter Anderson.
In this presentation, Professors Gunstone and Anderson will reflect on the imperatives of promoting First Nation voices within the academy and beyond through OA journal publishing programs.
For instance, the Informit-hosted journal JAII published a special issue dedicated to the Voice to Parliament referendum. The articles for this issue were authored by individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Informit promoted these perspectives through its platform channels, including embedding the works directly into the school-based Informit Explore portal, thereby contextualizing the Voice within broader narratives. The intention is to introduce secondary school students to First Nations voices through an “authoritative” resource to develop their critical thinking and research skills.
Professor Anderson of the International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies (JCIS) is also exploring new sustainable approaches to managing publishing infrastructure in collaboration with Informit. He will outline the challenges and solutions in maintaining an OA model.

Laki Sideris

Head of Product, Informit

Author Bio

Laki Sideris is the Head of Product at Informit, a business of RMIT University which is centred around providing library access to the vast richness of Australia’s publishing and research outputs. With a particular interest in amplifying Indigenous led-research, Laki has initiated projects such as the Indigenous Scholars You Should Know video series and is currently focusing on OA publishing solutions.

Professor Andrew Gunstone

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Reconcilliation, Federation University

Author Bio

Professor Andrew Gunstone is the inaugural Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Reconciliation at Federation University. Andrew has institution-wide responsibility for all reconciliation matters and the university’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Andrew is an international expert in academic and industry engagements and understandings of reconciliation. He has written over 130 publications, obtained 14 nationally competitive research grants, and regularly provides advice to industry, community, and governments. Andrew is Co-Chair of the Board of Directors at Reconciliation Victoria, and is the Foundation Editor of the Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues. Andrew previously held senior leadership roles at Swinburne University, University of South Australia, and Monash University.

Professor Peter Anderson

Director Indigenous Research Unit, Griffith University

Author Bio

Professor Peter Anderson is from the Walpiri and Murinpatha peoples of the Northern Territory and is Professor and Director Indigenous Research Unit at Griffith University. Professor Anderson’s research spans the area of Australian Indigenous education, educational systems, curriculum and pedagogical interventions and the intersecting relationships with indigenous peoples both globally and domestically. A member of the ARC College of Experts, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Science and member of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and a Lifelong Fellow of the Atlantic Institute at Oxford University. He also holds research advisory positions for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, the Diversity Council of Australia and the Australian Education Research Association