The Embedded Mindset: Daring to Move Beyond our Library Walls

This presentation will argue an embedded mindset should be incorporated into the modern librarian’s repertoire; that is moving beyond the confines of the library building to bring customised services and support directly to your target users. Relying on promotion of library services to those that come through our doors is like the old saying “preaching to the converted”.

If we are to expand our reach and make meaningful connections with those that need it most (but are not necessarily regular library users), then we need to consider a different approach. It really is a minor change in our frame of mind and outlook as LIS professionals, although it’s impact can be incredibly powerful.

Practical examples from the VET library sector will be used to demonstrate how to successfully take on an embedded mindset and the potential that can be achieved. It’s time to leave our desks (literally and figuratively), get out there and embed ourselves in our communities. Live boldly, change the status quo. Go on, we dare you!

Chris Meeking

Information Literacy Librarian, Holmesglen Institute

Author Bio

Chris Meeking is the Information Literacy Librarian at Holmesglen Institute with designated fashion/TAE liaison across VET and higher education courses. Chris leads the Holmesglen Library’s liaison team across a range of information literacy services, projects and initiatives, as well as engaging in his own liaison work and research. He has a strong background in developing excellence in customer service within libraries and an interest in working closely with departments to meet the information literacy needs of learners and staff.

Margherita Meeking

Information Services Librarian, Holmesglen Institute

Author Bio

Margherita is the Information Services Librarian for VET and higher education hospitality and horticulture courses at Holmesglen Institute. As a serving member of ALIA’s VET Libraries Australia (VLA) committee and the Victorian Association of TAFE Libraries (VATL) Executive group, she is a strong advocate of libraries and an active contributor to the library profession. She is an innovator within her Institute and sector, with significant contributions to Holmesglen Library projects, liaison work, as well as supporting sector colleagues.